Who We Are

We founded Century Tree Investments as a real estate investment vehicle in 2008 and discovered the beauty of investing in rural, undeveloped land in 2015. The possibilities of vacant land are endless: vacationing, homesteading, retirement… the list goes on. Rural, undeveloped land is a blank slate for you to pursue your own dreams. We hope to help you find the property that calls to you.

Our Background

We are passionate about land. Urban planner by degree and professional experience having worked on a variety of land planning projects all over the country. We found that we loved site visits, talking with end users and developing the value analysis. However, as our family grew we discovered that we no longer enjoyed the travel. We wanted to build something from the ground up that would allow us to stay close to home but still keep us engaged. Century Tree Investments, the parent company of our Land Sales group is the result of this effort.